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Blue's 3-Course GI (Canned due to slow)


Solic said he was leaving

Isaac said he couldn’t in your one

Geyde, I pinged like a few posts ago.


@Sam17z I’m 6/7 if you wanna fill it




Waz just join


He is currently in.


I am in lol.


Got you :ok_hand:



Everyone seems to drop off the face of the earth when I host

And then is suddenly resurrected mid-setup so I end up putting in like 6 over the lower limit


The main problem with the GI thread is that there are way too much small scum factions


I’m at rehearsal


I think that the “If you are creating a faction, design at least 10 roles for it” rule should be enforced


they just work as one


I mean you don’t need 10 roles per se

City Mafia works fine with just the 3 that they have


You end up with various mini NKs instead of an actual faction


What about the Cult? They run fine with 6


Imo GI shouldn’t be scumfaction fixed


They are a special case because all players are converted to generic version of classes
Maybe I overreacted on the 10 limit, but there are a lot of solo-man factions who could just be fucking neutrals and a factiom with literally only three members