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Blue's 3-Course GI (Canned due to slow)


oh lmao


Is the discarded card revealed to the public?


The discarded card WILL be revealed to the public.


2 more

(oh gosh why do people leave when I host)


I thought you said there would be 3 genius.


Making a mental note of this for when it suddenly turns into a 14p turbo


There will be 3.

Only the one the player chooses to discard will be revealed.


Some GI cards may be tweaked to balance them for a turbo game.


Please allow Hjasik classes to be rolled so we can have a good discard excuse

fucking genius.




(I have no idea who else might wanna join)


Yes, so I can say I discarded town for an Hjasik class



I know you said you’d only wanna watch but I need people


add me in Blue


BUT this has to end in 2 hours


or else I need to replace out

on the alternative side I could end up dying N1 too


As in Wazza’s, the factions will be Town, Mafia, Neutral, and Special (if a role would need to be deemed as such)




/co-host if it get’s more than 7 people