Black Flag Nightless-The Clock Struck Midnight-English Victory

Hon hon mah fellow baguette eating pirates! Today we finally purge those English pig dogs hiding on our ship! Well unless they have us beat then we do what any honorable French sailors do. Surrender!

Welcome to Black Flag Nightless!

Hosted By Captain Kai, Co-Hosted by First Mate ???


  1. Follow Global Forum Rules
  2. Do not game throw (Game throwing is an action where you purposefully and willfully harm your team’s chances of winning
  3. Hate will not be tolerated. Though this is a global forum rule I wish to make that explicitly clear.
  4. Don’t like posts if you are dead
  5. Don’t pretend to be dead, if you haven’t posted in 36 hours you will receive a prod, if you aren’t responding after that you will be subbed out.
  6. Don’t edit or delete made posts.
  7. Have a good ole time aight?


Days are 48 hours
Nights? Nah fuck that. WE DONT SLEEP
This is a nightless game, as such there is no night.
It’s also a Black Flag game. Which means when the Mafia (English) reach one member they auto concede giving the town the win. However when the Town (French) reaches 3 members they will auto concede.

For additional reading on the Black Flag mechanic please refer to this link

Role List

7 French Sailors

3 English Sailors

Role Cards

French Sailor
You are a honorable French Sailor.
You have no powers other than your vote/voice.
See the English reduced to 1 member

English Sailor
You are a despicable English Pig Dog Sailor
You have a daychat with your fellow English Sailors
*See the French reduced to 3 members *

Sign Ups

  1. Htm

  2. Dat Birb

  3. PKR English Sailor

  4. Andrej French Sailor

  5. JakeTheWolfe

  6. Magnus

  7. Marshal

  8. WazzaAzza

  9. Geyde -> Maxwell French Sailor

  10. Eevee

/in for the win

fuck i don’t know how to do the proper formatting help

I’ll bite sounds fun /in


Btw if y’all want I’m open to having a co-host

Up to you, honestly I’m more than willing to do either, I enjoy both. If you want me to cohost lmk, if not totally will play.

Good to know




I would prefer if you inned, if we get enough players i’ll look for a co-host.

Damn it.
If +10 players I’ll /cohost

bump, we’re about halfway full!

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/in First forum match, tell me if im doing this right




Wants to in because British but also wants to Co-Host because British co-host is hilarious and I can be a dick to everyone

you know what.
/co-host unless this doesn’t get close enough to filling, yes I’m stealing Magnus’ slot

/in just bcz nobody because I can’t find a danganronpa game

prefer an in, you know how mountainous games can be with filling