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Big Thread of Birthdays


You are not the first one buddy I win lane but lose game cause bot lane went 3/29




And the 3 kills are from the fucking support


Even More Relatable


I also love riots matchmaking instead placing me with silver they give me bronze and irons so that is fun and fresh.


Oh boy

I remember I once actually got placed with ppl my tier

That was when my friend played as well(aatrox main, pre rework)
We won pretty easily that game


Is that even legal?



But still happened

Does it mean if that’s illegal and I got away with it, we could do “other” illegal stuff?

coughs in Braum Top


x9 Braum


Girldefined? I only know Hoedefined.




Also Boydefined? I only know Knightdefined.


great mf support yee


Once I re-install league then yeee


Update mf support did really well.



This is what we do on the lux main discord server





Sounds kinda hot