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Big Thread of Birthdays


My teacher told me that after I said that I would die if I came to gym class.


So that was fun and fresh.


My dad said that when he asked what I wanted from the store


So that was fun


Also league?

Who do you play?


I mainly play Lux but I also play other mages like Orianna, Ahri, Cassiopeia, Taliyah, Brand and so on.


I also play adc but I am only good at Caitlyn.


Ah, Lux

Believe it or not, she was my starting char

I’m now play Nautilus and Nasus(Q spam GOD and Big Boi)

Also got into a bit of Braum. He’s cool




Riot nerf Yasuo.


Who ever created Yasuo goes to fucking hell. No matter how much I beat him early he still can oneshot me mid to late game.


Quite the opposite for me

Usually with Nasus I get fucked hard in the early game

But Late game it’s childs play


Also buff Taliyah jungle.


Every Nasus I ever play with stacks up early to mid game and when we ask for help they usually say" wait gotta stack for late" Bitch if you don’t help us now there won’t be late game.


Usually when I come to help, that also means stealing ofher lane’s minions, if I do(usually not active early game on ganks)


If you take my cannon minions I will take your eyeballs.


But they give the stacks


Well your eyes give you vision.



Well then shit. I just got bested by a lux : (


Taliyah is underrated af buff her.