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Big Thread of Birthdays


Image result for donald glover pizza gif



(PS: I give it 5 minutes before Insanity posts this somewhere)


Hey guys what’s going on in this thr-


I mean seriously what the fuck


yeah, I’ve now deleted those messages :^)
this is why skipping to the bottom of the thread is a bad idea as a mod haha




100% this
100% that
Y’all should be 100% not putting that shit on my clean Christian website




100% vanilla is very Christian




I do not give 3 sevenths of a mililifuck my dude


Disappointed but not surprised :frowning:
She does not respect me, Nerbins!

10000th Poster gets a cookie



Congratulations Attis, Horus, Mitra, Krishna and Dionysus!


Is this a SMT thing or what


gods who have the solar solstice as birthday


Uhm, happy birthday Onicius?


Least it isnt the 25th, they would be getting a present that counts as both birthday and christmas

That would honestly make me wanna commit die via Sayori


They still probably are tbh


some parents give me one and it’s a 15-day span of difference