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Big Thread of Birthdays




@bazingaboy oy you’re one of my favourite people on this forum and it would be a disservice if your bday wasn’t listed here so we could celebrate our forums favourite sloth. Chuck it on


Why tf is an alt on here


Thank you for the kind words my man, August 13th


Happy birthday boss

can i get a raise pls


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I’m blessed guys


otp intensifies


@Mercenary OwO happy burt day


Today is my birthday you plebs
Give me the pings


happy birthday @Mercenary



I like what I see.


course you do :wink:


…uhh…happy birthday…
(Don’t tell Merc I told you, but he’s cheating on you.)


he a wittol so shhh and chill’







This is Nerbins, making a PSA.
I feel this meme, as good as it is, has been a bit overused lately, and I think it should have a bit of a hiatus.


Firekitten when hearing this statement


As we speak, police are heading over to Firekitten’s house to restrain him.


Give me another good meme