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Big Thread of Birthdays



Nerbins’ birthday?
jk man, have a happy birthday and a swell year :smiley:


Pro tip

Definitely go to college

…if it aligns with your goals and career plans.

Not everybody needs higher education. Not every job or way of life requires it. There’s nothing that makes one of these paths better than the other. :+1:

@Nerbins happy captain


yeah College/Uni is a good thing to do

The joke is that I’m literally in the process of dropping out right now


Okay I get your argument but posting that after however-many posts just had to be scrapped is probably a real bad idea


So I figure you’ve probably decided that it isn’t for you then? lol


that was my old comment
im restoring it, and its a meme that nerbins used often, thats the joke


the course content was fine but I just wasn’t ready to live on my own full time, I was in a really bad place, mentally speaking

so i’m taking a semi-impromptu gap year


Ah I gotcha


Fair enough, good luck with that!


Thanks man


/pats Boopy is k


I guess I should mention I am born on Pi Day


What a coincidence


my birthday is on national coming out day does that mean something? :thinking:




Meanwhile, me



instead of a birthday cake you should just have a giant cup of iced tea


Meenstwhilst, myself


Meow meow meow