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Big Thread of Birthdays


Err, oncius was someone else, Margaret used to be called Fool Oncius


hold up


You know Marg’s original name was Celeste, right? Onicus was their discord


i was around when marg was called celeste
wasn’t aware that there was more then one oncius


Y’all change your names too much


Says you


Yes orange that was, in fact, the joke


Yes I am indeed aware

Hence liking your post :stuck_out_tongue:



5 - Luxx
5 - Insanity
5 - Whammerist



It is just the way it is >:)


omae wa


mou shindeiru.


Excuse me what the nani


Captain wants to meet with this person.


One of my friends that I tried to get into forums but failed


Captain fails then :^(


I saw Lymph May be baking a comemack


So on the 21st of May we should have a turbo game and all gamethrow and “no u” as hard as possible yeah?




Post 420 haha