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Big Thread of Birthdays


:thinking: thats one way to think about it


@Solic happy b-day!


Actually you’re just another day closer, really


Happy Late Birthday @NightX :wink:




Happy birthday from CoI!! :cat: :cake::tada:


Happy Birthday @Ashe!


:ghost: says happy birthday as well


Happy birthday and I wish you success in any Bastard Game. :cake: :star:


Happy birthday Ashe! :birthday:


Happy birthday, O coolest of the mods!


Happy b-day Ashe I guess


Happy Birthday my favourite Aussie mod!


Late happy birthday, Ashe!


tfw when you don’t see the date of the last post
a very late happy birthday


Are you in the wrong month my dude?


Brazil is a whack place then


damn military time messes up with everyone


ok I just put my hands on an Overwatch copy
damn Marl for making me hate D.Va already
also I discovered that her ultimate on PT-BR is “Ask (for this) to be nerfed, noob!”


Margaret is still called Oncius on this.
I feel old now.