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Big Thread of Birthdays


Happy B day!


Happy B’Day!


@Dev-Xblade Happy Birthday!! :tada:


Bout time someone noticed :pouting_cat:

But joking aside, thanks for the late wishes~ I’ll buy some cake now and just celebrate the late wishes.



Happy birthday Xblade

Another blade to make a Yblade or combine into the greatest of Xblades.


the unholy keyblade?


We need XYZBlade then OwO


Thanks :smile:


oh i didn’t know this was a thing
mines 9/27 :smiley: happy birthday to everyone else with theirs in sept as well


@Solic Happy Birthday man! Hope it was a good one!


@Solic Happy Birthday! :tada:



Happy b’day!


Happy birthday Solic! :cupcake: :cake: :partying_face: :tada:


I feel bad for braix


Happy birthday Solit :slight_smile:


Thank you guys. :slight_smile:


congrats Solic


@MtheJoker Happy Birthday for yesterday! Have a mean time reading some books in the library :wink:


@Solic happy one year closer to death :smiley:


There’s not a set year for death you’re not any closer to death this year than you were last year