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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


I never get likes :((((((((((((


I think this speaks for itself.


It’s called
Part of her character
Ya no unnerstind?


^-Look at this anime grill here. That’s pretty much what she would have said.


I know it’s part of the character.
It’s still a stupid quote though.




Oh boi, I should quote it earlier its still soo good even after reading it couple of times.


This has to go here.


All aside eevee. They wanted to replace out. The bloc goes to however ici had planned to invite


it was going to be you, marl be damned actually
so you get half of the win I guess


I mean
You could have given wolfy my slot


…no offense Wolfy but Marl is slightly better than you in forum games


idk Marl’s reads can be pretty bad

“good cover for when he’s scum” sure lmao but still


Like you know I love you Marl but since it was brought up I have to


i think marl’s reads scale like mine in that they’re better the less pressure there is on him


Nah I think it’s moreso that he can’t get reliable gutreads like at all but is much better at drawing connections in the endgame


This is also why scum killing him too early is bad


he’s like PKR in that regard; imo they both have very strong MyLo/LyLo games


You guys have any stupid quotes to add?


i’ve had good gutreads two town games in a row now :sob: