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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


Bad marl


So was that a typo


Why have you done this


It was needed for the balance in the world
You can thank me later when the universe doesn’t explode


squid had created their class


Can i Just say, this is honestly a post filled with so much raw anger and emotion, while being incredibly blunt about answering a simple question, that it is in a league of its own.

I have never seen any post like this tbh.

Also, this aint me joking around with this, i like how serious this is.


What class did I create?


My greatest frustrations are of the type that can easily be stated through writing.

Speech was always something I was too gifted in.

But I apologize to the target of my frustrations. They don’t deserve it.


Nah, I confess that while I like Math he does sound a bit uptight at times.


Geyde and you are just jealous of his mafia skills


Same tbh


You are just jealous of his blade




You are just jealous that he can do something with his life

pug life tip:
dont take any insults from me seriously. especially a hypocritical insult


Spiky Doorknob




I didn’t create that class, I was sure Hjasik made it


No, it was you.


Do I look like MaximusPrime to you? :thinking: