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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


I was gonna report this but a mod already liked it so sue me I guess

  • Permaban Pug
  • Don’t perma the puggo

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It’s time to decide


Wait this is a joke right


/decide fate - abstain (or at least I tried to)


This isn’t legit right


Pro tip if a mod makes a poll about someone being banned it’s not serious




So lets perma-ban him >:)


On the other hand if a non mod does it, then it is

And on that note

  • Permaban Marluxion
  • Don’t permaban Marluxion
  • Furries should choose this

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Can I just briefly remind people of this crusty old fossil


Oh shit squid’s a furry




I have only just found this due to Maximus
Prepares Claws


Would you be power Bottom in that relationship?


Only in my imagination :thinking:


Oh no, you’ve found our secret ship.



i thought the secret ship was marl x celeste


like the game?


I’ll take “questions no-one wants the answer to” for 500 please Alex


I’ve lost the game