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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


Let’s not talk about that game shall we


easily a top 10 anime betrayal


Inglude meme pic or r1ot


My god, they somehow managed to combine Sam, Maxi, and Memesky all into one person! ALERT THE MILITARY! THIS ABOMINATION CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIST!


Dont forget about dis


What she means is:


SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies:

The return of Abyss



With the Goro profile pic?

damn that’s on point


Snaps, killing half of the posts in this thread.

Keep it on topic :eyes:

if it ain’t a forum quote or about a forum quote post it somewhere else


I don’t feel so go-


Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good


Mr.Stark, I don’t feel so good.



Mr Marl, I don’t feel so good


Remember: This is a no-context thread.


@Marluxion are you going to disown me for not avenging your death :sob:


Ironically you voted the correct person there


You did allow me to talk myself out of the day’s lynch, tbh.

Pretty sure this will be Marcus’ reaction to my posts from now on.