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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


also lul me surviving to the endgame as town
curse you night killers


Wait, what?!




Except when Wolfy yeets marl, our deepwolf, in Ritual Mafia


I suspect that may not have been entirely scumreading…




But imo Wolfy is probably one of the best scumreaders on this site. Definately better than Marl.

His problem is he is not as convincing or loud as others so is often not listened to.


Marls good because he is super convincing tbh, he is good at scumreading but not the best


Seems similar to my main issue here.

Typically my d1 reads are a crapshoot unless they’re on Solic, but once people start flipping I can easily find scum via a PoE and backreading without any issues at all.

Kind of have to agree here. His early-game overconfidence can be used to further mislynches without scum even trying at all.


In relation to Marl’s skill in Forum Mafia

Marl: Good boy. Pat his head, give him candy, and lure him to a van- I mean decent, but too trustful and ignorant at times.


Hello? Police officer? It is this dude!


I wouldn’t say I’m the best scum reader on the site. Just with many games I’ve played (including a few FM games on tos), I’ve improved more. I can’t remember what few games I was right about. I know purgatory I caught 2 scum which were Ici and Lymph as they were pretty much open wolfing, Superjack in Jammy’s plague game due to them not claiming till the last possible second and their tone was off. Ashe in Assassin was just a this is scum, change my mind moment, as well as Purgatory part two where I named Parf and Simon as the deamons and was right. Only thing I was I was so busy so never pushed them. Could have won that. I still think first game I did well in was endgame with me, Ryan, Lymph, Eevee and Cheesy in Pug’s upick. I think Marl deserves some credit that game as well as he pushed Sam, and was killed next day. I then pushed Sam due to his responses and behavior and he was scum. I made many mistakes that game, but managed to get Cheesy on the last possible day.


tfw that wasn’t his initial intention :^)


I thought you did the second one already though. Unless that was someone else, which would then make it three


Nope, nobody has done a Purgatory 2 yet


purgatory part two was the same game


Oh Parfait


technically I am? lol


Das me


How to play forum mafia