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Best/Worst Forum Quotes


Just going to put this here


Is that even worth though?


It’s a 4/10 it’s better then anything else I got though



very well




Hi Lightsin, I’m not sorry for bringing this thread back.


Wtf nerbins I’m super disappointed in you. You don’t know how disappointed I am at the way you disappointly handeled this disappointing conversation


Hi not sorry for bringing this thread back, I’m gonna have to challenge you to western duel to settle this



You cut the important part


And this


Just paging through here and saw this.

Meta reads are best done when the player would be incredibly difficult to read otherwise.


Uh no

If they are difficult to read otherwise chances are they are experienced enough to actually act the same as both village and wolf


then why is it in best forum quotes

also meta reading is improtant part of scumhunting since you need to jugde ppl induvidually otherwise you will end up lynching town just because you consider actions they do usually as town wolfy even when it would apply to majority of players


I try to avoid metareads, unless the meta is born from my own experiences and it’s built on how I have felt about the player’s tone in past games instead of comparing their specific actions

even then I’ll trust a gutread over a metaread, although gutreads that confirm my “metareads” are usually decent cases




My entire career has been leading up to that one quote.


Harsh, but true.


It is harsh, but it is the law.