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Best Forum Match moments?


It’s quite pathetic they can’t figure out why two nobles and two or even three physicians won’t work.

Turns out it doesn’t matter with neutrals, fuuuuuuuuuuu



That’s not how that works

You can have two Nobles and two Physicians


Nope, nope.

I am right.


I’ve told you so many times that isn’t how it works ffs


the best forum match moment is Ici being 1 night away from NK victory in Famine and then attacking the Mastermind not the Assassin


You are Alchemist and not goddamn Physician.

I am actually pissed off that I am right about two nobles means there can’t be two of same kind of other BD class and this Neutral thing is exception.


2 nobles and 2 physicians is perfectly possible.

You just can’t have 3 Physicians.


There is nothing in the rolling formula that stops every non-unique role being duplicated

Statistical probability is largely irrelevant because it could happen.


Yeah, I don’t know where you got that idea, but the only class limitations are uniqueness, guarantees and the limit of 2 of the same non-unique, non-guaranteed class. Which means, there could be a game with two Maids, two Physicians and two Knights, as low as the probabily of that happening would be.


And I don’t remember one game that does it, but I am leaving at that.


This game rolled two alchemists


Literally this game


Randomly bolding stuff gets you yolo bombed, be careful now.


giving me more reason to get angry about.

Like seriously, mind your own business.


Sorry I didn’t mean to annoy you.


Honestly that’s just the way I write my posts and it has nothing to do with Danganronpa.


D2, haven’t even talked yet because I have a life

Orange: Let’s vote baix because I scumread him

(Orange was prince)

still not online

gets voted to the stand)

(I’m hunter)

cowardly king force pardons.

Still not online

2 hours later

Braixen: Hey what did I miss?


nobody voted to execute you lol

Mole pardoned way too quick for that


Still you can’t scumread air


Which is literally why we were voting you

My vote on you wasn’t “this is scum”, it was “let’s see if this is scum”