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Best Forum Match moments?


Continuing the discussion from Forum of lies 10 (Blue Dragon, Cowardly King and Scorned Victory):

That time I told everybody my class Day 2 but nobody saw it :sob:


Uhh if that’s soft claim then I don’t see it.


It’s definitely a hard claim lol


Definitely hard.




Aw boo


You weren’t even in that match, were you?


Doesn’t mean I can’t boo your cheap acrostics


Gotta have fun somehow

At least I didn’t pull a @Braixen and use an old World War 2 windtalker cipher that you can only get from scanning a hidden QR code on the drive-thru sign at a Burger King in Atlanta.


I initially took this as a term of endearment, that’s why I was confused :kissing_closed_eyes:


Wait what




Best forum moment:



Oh and:

RIP HIPPO. If everything gone wrong.


At least Parfait got caught by my counterclaim, despite the braindead BD.


My favorite moment was when I hosted my Fol game and Knight submitted night actions in the day and got imprisoned because he didn’t get the notfication because he was subbed in. Then he gets executed and the whole game goes to shit. Good times.


Don’t talk about games going on.


can I talk about how I learnt that I had dyslexia before SFoL 16.5


Fol 12, Eevee.

First claimed Merc
Then claimed Psychic

Was actually Court Wizard


FOL 12

3 people claimed Physician

The only legit one got lynched