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Best Forum Match moments?


I dont think you realize the Unseen Players @Marluxion


Hmm? It was PKR Simon and Frostwolf, yeah?


Best forum match moment:

@Luxx typing a message for over 40 minutes

2d3 - Mafia Victory

I leave tabs open while typing messages most of the time :stuck_out_tongue:


As in I’ll be typing stuff, go do other stuff, come back to the message and finishing it.

And sometimes I forget to hit reply


Best forum match moment:

Policy lynch Noz D2.




Dangan debate in SFoL 13 that led to BD gamesolving.


The fact we learnt that Ici is a massive bagel by him “town reading” scum who would not defend himself earlier and killing the Prince and “scumreading” town.


That one time Ici Accidentally murdered me in SFoL13

Favorite one so far by a long shot.


The game is decided when second Squire claim came up, kinda had to counterclaim where Hippo did not.

It may not seem like it, but I sure get to the point about it.


In my defence I wasn’t actually BD in that game


Also I never said I was actually good at this game lel


The thing that made it great was that you didn’t even know my cause of death. :^]


Greatest slip-up I’ve ever made

Still terrified


Oh God…

How about the quickest lynch in Regicide 2 when I did say that Burrito did not guard, and yet, Simon and Frost were the BD that hammered me.

And then the debate about how I did not say that Burrito did not guard anyone when I said that, and even then they still lynched me. The horror. :scream_cat:


How about people want the new policy lynch target, which is me?

The Horror?


Incidentally how much did people enjoy UltiamtePick? I’m trying to gague how succsessful it was, bearing in mind there were actually a few classes that were never really used.


It is fun, making your own class with each unique abilities.


After several mod errors, the decision to re-roll, a reversal of that decision, and a re-reversal to re-roll, Luxx drops this gem.