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Best Forum Match moments?


Indeed. The setup that game was terrible, but braxs poor play got hip and I killed

In regards to hip, if frost had empowered his kill he would have died anyway but…


And the reason I had to kill ritualist-based classes that way so I won’t get killed.

So kinda the reason PKR is alive.


I stepped into trap twice.

“You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice” ~Heraclitus

But I did.


I understand why you made that choice

don’t support it, but I understand it


Would it be a happy ending for me if cult converted me :slight_smile:


You made yourself convert immune twice


He sure did.




That time I “betrayed” Frostwolf


That time Simon claimed “Scorned”


That time I poison the king so the butler did it, but I poisoned myself.

Why the court wizard did it for lulz while that is bad idea that can poisoning the butler itself if he did that.

This stupid move become brilliant one, but he never see the day of my slow agonizing death.


I just love when I was Revenant


I just love when I was love.


Have any other FoLs ended in a forfeit like SFOL12?


No. We didn’t count a couple due to mod errors tho


Wait what happened?


Blue Dragon stomp


Care to explain?


Lynched Polik as the NK D2, Kyo CS’d the mastermind randomly n2 and we abused my jail to prevent converts. PKR was the og assassin and he got lynched trying to defend the mm. Frost was then caught out in his fake claim after he was converted n1 so he forfeit.
Noz was the buffed sheriff who did nothing and I was the prince who claimed D2.
D4 BD/Alch/Merc Win.


KyoDaz for forum president btw, that Cold Steel luck/decision making will take this country places.