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Best Forum Match moments?


Seriously, I think I became the Physical Representative of Repeated Class RNG God…


The time when I could have actually won as the Devout King. Unfortunately, the problem was I had to get Rid of Ashe by hoping CL would have killed Jammy as her first target dies, and then get rid of Simon and get left with Noz. If Orange didn’t suggest the possibility of the Electrocutioner, we could have got that without making him look too suspicious.


I didn’t even think it was his suggestion about Electro, it was just that Jammy was confirmed, Ashe was confirmed, Noz was confirmed…


FoL2 as BD Physician.

I did nothing but succeed in healing the invoker he would have been sacrificed and despite Orange’s efforts, Cult still got defeated.


Wow, that is incredibly unlucky.

Did you realize that the person you healed was the Cult sacrifice and hang him the next day or did it take longer to kill him?


I know the feeling. I’m always inherently a little scummy, but it is actually a good thing because it helps me townread others better.


You should read FoL2, was a great game lol


They were like: Nah he can’t be threat.

Then he forced the prince to jail himself when the fool got lynched by day action

My first FoL experience there.


So even if Orange would have been executed on trial, well…PKR would be still jailed himself against his will.



I got you all to lynch the Fool instead of me


Yeah I know right?

We actually thought the invoker can’t do anything after this point you got healed, so like: Yeah that’s ok.



BD let the confirmed Cult member live AND lead the town??

Boy was that an entertaining read. Shame you still lost after that.


As soon as Hippo voted Jammy, I figured somebody would suggest Fool, but nobody did… :thinking:


It’s a shame?
Nah, it was inevitable.
Took me a while but I caught on


It is one of the most despairing moments in FoL after Orange got away not getting executed on Day 3.


Reviving this thread since FoL 11 just ended
Me using Pug to Kill Mole the pally


It was a smart move,but only worked because brax was a scumfuck


No, and I told you why lol

Braixen was definitely BD.


He was a scumfuck Tho. He protected the demon night 3, then refused to cooperate day 4, didn’t help me or pug night 4


While that is fair, that’s not being scum lol