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Best Forum Match moments?


Wolfs towntell= sprout nonsense that makes everyone cry in frustration


I screwed many cultists that game and I’d screw them all again.
Also, based on past games, I do normally roll BD and Wolf normally ends as scum, fact :stuck_out_tongue:


That first game was my worst, mostly because I spent so much effort covering oranges fake claim that I barely had energy to read the game


Claiming Alchemist day 1 is much more BD indicative than one lying low until late game.

Alchemist is an enormous threat to scum because they cannot waste a night killing a potential ally. With the addition of stoneskin potion (why couldn’t I have this in my game :sob:) it makes even more sense to claim day 1 and have any knights prove themselves.


It’s funny because we knew Orange was Sheriff the whole time and he kept going through layers of layers of fake claims and our scum was just laughing and shaking our heads :joy:

You gave us a huge hint to him being Sheriff.


Still, freelo sucks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It gave us a fighting chance as you were healing the sheriff


Dude, I totally agree with that freelo sentiment…

But I like to win, so I like to make the best plays :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, not much I could do considering he forced that on me. Also was really salty, and I missed him softing his night results to me to begin with.


Weren’t you Possessor or Assassin the game you killed me?


Night 1 Posse Comitatus is ballsy LOL

But probably a correct move, too.
Sucks he converted a powerful BD class.


I was a knight to begin with.


I cried. I would have rather been converted by the unseen


Oh, right.

Yeah, Unseen got steamrolled that game. BD didn’t even need an Alchemist :joy:


Both neutral killers volunteered to death, Dama was super late ccing the sheriff… if we hadn’t have lost an unseen member day 2, we were so set


Honestly I’ve been amazed with how spot-on nearly all of my gutreads in every FoL game have been

It’s been uncanny and I have honestly been worried about the day that all comes crashing down, because it will happen one of these games lol

Personal favorite games have been (as per usual) my scum games. Leading the town and lynching @Hippolytus the Fool was amazing, as was making like 4 extreme YOLO moves in a row as Cult before we were finally stopped by a stubborn night plan and a Mercenary.

Although I will say I have a soft spot for that one game where I was BD King and essentially gamesolved before all of the BD covered the scum’s asses for them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s been a good time, and I can’t wait for more MM at some point. :wink:


I helped that game too :smirk:


Yeah yeah mr hydra head that existed largely to save my neck from the noose

My biggest problem is I’m always scummy as town lol


I was so F*****g lazy that game too LOL. FM doesn’t really interest me much anymore. I find FOL more fun


Dat time whenever I was in a game, either I was MM or Unseen, or get converted and lose the game in end.


It technically has more intrigue but is also less skill-based

Luckily we can do both here lol