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Best Forum Match moments?


He’s unique


Misread what you meant


If we had got rid of the Electro earlier, I would’ve blocked Wolf and you know it!


Remind why we couldn’t? Oh yeah, someone forced us to vote the fool. Who was that again?


So, that game wasn’t my finest.
But even diamonds are slightly roughed!


Aye, I think you learned your lesson, after a few times being bashed with your errors in two different games.


One of my fave moments was hosting the first ever BtM game on here. Being a newbie and all, it made it enjoyable for me.

I’m so new to that genre. But it worked well


Shame it died out due to exam season and everything. Maybe a reboot’s acoming?


I believe so.
I might even have a cohost. Who knows?


Pick me, pick me. I’m ever so smart


True… Let me think:
Brains: Mole > Wolfy
Activeness in general: Mole > Wolfy especially when Wolfy’s scum
Hosting experience: Fairly even. Wolfy > Mole maybe?
Love: Wolfy > Wolfy > Wolfy > Infinite Loop Wolfy > Mole


This is the most flagrant display of AtE I’ve ever seen!


I think my scum game is pretty good, although I’ve only had one fair scum game


TBH, I love Sketch playing FoL.
It’s always fun to see who out of him and Noz is the bigger PL


Sketch is a solid player. We’ve got some good new players lately. Less deadwood


I agree. I was joking around.
Sketch is fairly mid. Slightly higher.


I’m not sure why you consider me a PL.

I’m more active than most and I destroyed my first game when I was MM.
The only games I lost were when Mole killed me like a bastard and when Wolfy mis-executed me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You dork.


And I would do it again. No TOS survivor strategies. Lost that game too due to a day 2 mass claim, and a bad scum group. (Lol, possessor wins with bd right?)


So we’re both pretty much the strongest player in our starting games Sketch?
Wolfy was BD converted into Cult.
But when you’ve been with someone. Their voice changes. It’s at that point, you know you can screw some people happily