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Best Forum Match moments?


“Extraordinary Glitch”
“The Unseen have been buffed!”


flashback to sfol 17 where simon died


‘Great job prince!’
‘uh… i didn’t do it’


When I wish to force everyone to speak in Haiku and Twilight chooses that wish out of 20


Hey it least you can prove yourself it isn’t that bad. :smirk:
If not then why would you wish such a thing? :thinking:


Overthebin vs Marl Rap Battles


Eevee and Ici getting recruited as townies into a neighborhood with only the two, and then both try to convince each other that they are mafia and discuss how to get rid of the neighbourizer.

When Eevee flipped town, my heart sunk.
When Ici flipped town, my hand facepalmed.


Wait what


That sounds like a negative IQ version of my marriage chat with @Sam17z


It was pretty fun to watch


panics and start talking about programmation languages


in my defense, he started it


In my attack, if you read the chat you would’ve known I could heal you if you outed to be town


Did I hear marriage


Of course he did, it’s FPS eevee.




Insanity taking three free wins in a row by doing absolutely nothing.


You mean Luigi


Wait @Sketch is Luigi confirmed