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Best Forum Match moments?


What is your favorite play and/or moment you’ve witnessed in a FoL or any special FoL?


Getting Physician in my first two games and winning with both Unseen and Cult


That time I got lynched day 3 as confirmed bd king was awesome. Also that time everyone ignored the night plan and let confirmed scum lead the town. It was hilarious


When I got lynched D2 as knight by scorned ;-; (It was a great play tho)


My scariest moment was claiming Maid and guessing @Hippolytus as a CW or Fool, knowing he would go along with it as Fool. I think even he was a little like “how did he know…?” in the end :joy:

Is that guy coming back, by the way? He was funny.


At least you’ve officially been immortalized as a meme, Noz. There’s that.


yeah. I am the personfication of salt when lynched D2


FoL 2. My first game.
Prince play killing Cult in a row whilst just chilling out.
Ended really well


First Mercenary win as Mole as my Contract and Winning as Cult Leader in FOL 5 (although I admit, it was OP as Hell!)


I was right about god damn everything in fol 5 too


Took them so long to actually kill me. Oh wait, they didn;t, especially when I gave control to my Cult to make a move for me as I was at a Cub Camp :stuck_out_tongue:


Not @PokemonKidRyan or @Damafaud proudest hour


Was FoL 5 the one with no cooldown Cult conversions?

'Cause that was messed up.


And up to five members, yup




This was the time when Noble Twins was a thing, I think?


I knew it! I just didn’t have my priorities in order!
Check most of the other games!


I was a squire and no non unique bd died all game


Except Paladin when we maged to get him executed


You blocked electro fearing you were charged, despite doing so if had been would have killed you