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Being able to see a log of all chat from a game could be as fun as playing a match itself


Sometimes I would like to go back and see jail chat or unseen chat or whispers to see things from a different perspective … or just relive my own plays :smile:

Would also be helpful to get better at the game


I also second this… personally one of my biggest “would love to have” features in a game of this sort, would be downloadable (or uploadable) replays.

If they upload it would also allow players smarter reporting… IE “ok there’s no way he could have known all the unseen back to back, let me see the game from his perspective… oooh ok so the prince told him what he got in jail that night, ok so it was legitimate I don’t need to waste the dev’s time reporting it”.

Plus when something particularly awesome or funny happens, you can share that game with friends etc…

I don’t imagine it being particularly space intensive… all that’s logically needed is timestamps for actions that are already logged for the reporting system anyway, and then to teach the game how to play them back.


100% Support this. As said, most of this functionality is already in the reporting system, so it should be doable.


Suddenly all guides+ become pro players