Behind the Masks 3: Royal Returns (Game End)

“Well, well. A glorious return? You expect to simply waltz up here and claim both fame and fortune for yourself? Not if I, the Swan have anything to do with it! Here you will face many a great foe and be challenged to prove yourself worthy.”

Welcome to Behind the Masks 3, hosted by yours truly, PKR.



-Before the game begins, the moderator forms a rolelist of the available core and possibly experimental roles- typically 16 roles.
-The number of players is equal to the number of roles.
-Once signups open, players may “/join” the game and provide an animal mask to be referred to as.
-After all available slots have been filled, the roles will be randomly distributed among players via PM, with no repeated roles.
-Players may still join a backup queue once the game begins


-The last player standing is the victor.
-A player’s role is not revealed when they die (of course, if their role was guessed you will know it).
-Players may PM other players during the game as long as the moderator is included.
-Dead players cannot post, but moderator discretion may permit a final post or a pre submitted last will.
-Actions, gifts, and guesses are sent to the moderator.
-No quoting/fake quoting mod messages


-The game itself has four phases.
-Discussion is permitted and encouraged throughout all phases.

Challenge Phase

-The Challenge Phase lasts 72 hours, or until all players have challenged or nochallenged and all pending challenges are resolved.
-The game begins on this phase.
-Players may “/challenge” other players to dances or duels.
-Once issued, the challenged player must choose whether to “/accept” the challenge or use a “/deny” (all players begin the game with a deny).
-If the challenged player does not respond by the end of the Challenge Phase, the challenge is automatically accepted.
-Each player may only challenge once per Challenge Phase (even if the challenge is denied), but can be challenged multiple times.
-If a player does not wish to challenge, they may instead “/nochallenge”. This allows the phase to end earlier. Players must still choose whether to accept or deny challenges.
-The results of the challenges will be posted at the end of the Action Phase (see Action Phase).
-The victors of duels and dances are determined by which player’s roles are higher on the respective list (see below), plus any interfering abilities.

Nymph (Fire Form)
Man at arms
Nymph (Nature Form)
Court Jester
Nymph (Water Form)

Nymph (Water Form)
Nymph (Nature Form)
Court Jester
Man at arms
Nymph (Fire Form)

Action Phase

-The Action Phase lasts 24 hours, or until all actions have been received.
-Roles with abilities that are used during the Action Phase can PM the moderator to use them. Currently, this is the Blacksmith and Musician.
-At the moderator’s discretion, players may begin selected gifts (see Voting Phase).
-The results for duels and dances will be posted at the end of the Action Phase.

Voting Phase

-The Voting Phase lasts 48 hours, or until a 90% majority has been reached or until all players have voted.
-The Voting Phase will still occur during the first round, but no players will be voted and no execution will occur.
-Any player who lost a duel or dance during the past Challenge Phase is a valid vote target.
-The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be executed.
-If there is a tie, there is a revote. If the votes are still tied, no player is executed.
-The Court Jester, Man-at-arms, Royal, and Poisoner act during this phase. The Royal may also PM an extra vote.
-Players may also select gifts during this phase (see below).
-For each challenge participated in (no matter if won or lost) the player earns one gift. Gifts are revealed at the end of the Voting Phase.


Extra Deny- Grants an extra deny to deny a challenge (see Challenge Phase) (each player starts with one deny)
Extra Switch- Grants an extra plate switch to swap plates (see Dinner Phase) (each player starts with one switch)
Free Guess- During the upcoming Dinner Phase, you may make a guess as to a player’s role. If you are correct, they will be executed. You may only choose one of this gift per round.
Guess Immunity- You are not a valid guess target during the next Dinner Phase.
Premium Food- Your plate cannot be switched except from by the Thief and you are not a valid Poisoner target during the Voting Phase (you can still be poisoned if your plate is switched)
Gift Reserve - This gift can be redeemed at any point later in the game for a gift of your choosing. You can only hold up to 3 of this gift at a time.
Lottery Ticket - If you are the only one to take this gift, you get 2x the amount of gifts.

Dinner Phase

-The Dinner Phase ends after 24 hours, or after all players have switched or noswitched.
-Each player is given a plate of food.
-You may “/switch” the food of any two players, consuming a plate switch (each player begins with one plate switch).
-If somebody has switch plates with you, you may not take it back directly and have to switch/noswitch again
-At the end of the phase, each player eats the food in front of them.
-Players who eat poison food will die (excluding the Soldier).
-The Barbarian, Blackmailer and Nymph act during this phase. The Thief may secretly switch plates during this phase.
-In addition, if you received a free guess as a gift, you must use it during the Dinner Phase. If you are correct, that player will be executed at the end of the Dinner Phase. All attempted guesses are revealed at the end of the Dinner Phase.
-If you do not have a free guess, you may still make a guess as to another player’s role as normal. However, if you are incorrect, you will be executed.


  1. Apprentice (The Otter) Mischallenged the Nymph and got endgamed - 2nd Place
  2. Surge (The Mountain Walrus) Poisoned by the Poisoner Dinner Phase 1 - 15th Place
  3. Moleland (The Mole) Executed Voting Phase 4 - 6th Place
  4. Light (The Artic Fox) Shot by the Man At Arms Voting Phase 4 - 6th Place
  5. an_gorta_pratai (The Emu) Executed by the Swan due to most votes Voting Phase 3 - 9th Place
  6. Jane (The Kiwi) Incorrect Death Stake Guess Dinner Phase 4 - 3rd Place
  7. Zone_Q11 (The Gorilla) Shot by the Man At Arms Voting Phase 2 - 13th Place
  8. Hippoyeetus (The Robin) Shot by the Man At Arms Voting Phase 3 - 9th Place
  9. Wazza (The Dog) RNG Guessed as the Poisoner Dinner Phase 3 by Ami - 8th Place
  10. Trochilidae (The Hummingbird) Poisoned by the Poisoner Dinner Phase 2 - 11th Place
  11. Ami (The Scorpion) WINNER Victory Speech
  12. Insanity (The Crow) Shot by the Man At Arms Voting Phase 1 - 16th Place
  13. Mist1422 (The Eagle) Guessed as the Blacksmith Dinner Phase 4 by Apprentice - 3rd Place
  14. Marshal (The Cat) Incorrect Death Stake Guess Dinner Phase 4 - 3rd Place
  15. astand (The Capybara) Force Executed by the Royal Voting Phase 2 - 13th Place
  16. PsychoKang (The Turkey) Guessed as the Augur Dinner Phase 2 by Marshal - 11th Place

Spectators: Katze, DatBird, gingerbeardgentleman


we misc only now

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What animal would you like to be?
Swan is reserved due to me being the host.
The Silver Swan.

I still don’t know how you got so lucky in ToS as to message the one person who would recognize you off of that

I may play, depending on how fast these signups go compared to VLDR2

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this is too long i didn’t read this

have a meme instead

Gut instinct tbh
Also I do claim to be the Real Nagito Komaeda.





If this is a FFA where everyone wants to be the last does who gets voted out in every voting phase not matter(if you havent lost dance/duel) as long as its someone

It could be important.
After all, everyone has a different role.
These roles have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.
It is a game of tactics.

Furthermore, I do allow PMs as long as I am included in them.
This would mean that alliances can play into this game.
Therefore once again, it is important.

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may join depending on irl and how much time i got

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I’ll /In only if my animal can be a Mountain Walrus

I will… allow it. I suppose.
I am quite a relaxed host with masks honestly.

/In as the failed mastermole

hmm yes
the only reason I want to sign up is because
also because miscs bad
also the only reason i want to spectate is because chat
what do i do

Very interesting. Is there a pre-formed list of what mask I can choose/is there something this game is based off of?

In the meantime, /in

Any animal