Beginners Guide on how to fill out your logbook

You have a logbook, in which you keep information in, every logbook starts out with a preset which is helpful to put information in, Page 1 of your logbook will look like this by deafult.

(your name) - CLASS

N1 -
N2 -
N3 -
(ect all the way to N10)
First thing you should do is replace the “CLASS” section with your class if you are blue dragon. The N1-N10 part of your logbook represent nights, eg: N2 means Night 2, N5 means Night 5. What you should be doing is when you pass a night, you will fill in what you did for that night, for an example, if I’m a sheriff and I investigated 7, my logs (logbook) should look like this

N1 - Inv 7

What you should be doing is putting the feedback that you get after you state your action, so if 7 came up as NS (Not Suspicious), this is what my logs would look like

N1 - Inv 7, NS

You should also put in if your target was jailed, or you were redirected or occupied. The following are all things you can put in your logs if said thing happened to you.

N1 - Inv 7, 7 was jailed.

N1 - Inv 7, occupied.

N1 - Inv 7, redirected to 4, NS.

Now that you’ve filled out your night 1 in your sheriff logs, time to move onto night 2, but on night 2, you were jailed, so like always when something happens to you, you put it in your logs, your logs should look something like this if you add that you were jailed to your logs.

N1 - Inv 7, NS
N2 - Jailed

Then on n3, you decide to use surv (surveillance) on 9 and you find them as the assassin, heres how your logs should look like

N1 - Inv 7, NS
n2 - Jailed
N3 - Surv 9, Assassin

I feel as if thats all the basics of writing logs.

I forgot that occupation redirect was a thing in ToL
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