Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1

so I’m not the only person who tried that lol

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And now unique again.

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For a second thought it was Mercenary doing this again

Thanks, missed out updating this.

Now updated again.

Also suggestions for assassin’s class claims wanted!

literally anything but knight/what your mm is claiming/your convert


Noble is a great claim, it wins me so many games :^)

To whoever is reading this, this guide will no longer be updated.

I have been struggling with my mental health in recent weeks, and much has happened recently that has worsened it. I have put my heart into this game, but I need to focus more on my own wellbeing than spend hours on a community that does not appreciate the effort I have put in.

Thank you for generally being cool people. I will still be posting art online as Southrobin.
If you want to contact me, my dms on discord are open. Have a good one.


Without a princess in game, an assassin could fake chronomancer or physician as they control who is bleeding (except if a hunter is in game)

Of course i revive a dead forum page.