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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


Yes, if the videos of the tourney a few months ago are still up, it was pretty great. Room 3 best room xD


I couldn’t find Room 3, I watched Room 1 EU Elites though and it made me realize how much I miss the old music


Some bussing strategies.

  • Usually the person bussing is the converter. It means MasterMind and Cult Leader, as they are the most necessary targets to get trust from BD. There are exceptions for this, but that’s pretty much the generic and safest run.
  • Try to buss only when the converter Convert Ability cooldown is going to be off the night after the bus. If you convert someone and straight forward bus someone, you’re gonna have 1 less number for an entire night, that may not be worth it. This is even better on Unseen, that can only have 3 numbers anyway, and can get at least 1 use of the converted target abilities to do some work, bus then and then replace its place following night. Again, there can be exceptions, but that’s the safest pick when in doubt to when to bus.
  • You’re doing better if you bus with other scum friends. Not only it confirms two people with checks on the bussed person, forcing legit BD feedback appearing as wrong or framed (leading to future executions), it also confirms you AND your friend. A quick niche example: MM claiming Drunk that forced their Assassin (previously Drunk that MM got logs from to use) into someone. However, a Butler says that claim is a lie, cause target was immune to redirection and occupy. Your second scum member shows up with another argument, like confirming MM’s visits, confirming an occ on the Assassin or directly incriminating the Butler with something. Depending how it’s done, it can either buy time or just completely remove BD sight on you, granting you the lategame easily.
  • Bus doesn’t need to end on an execution the following day! It is, actually, even better if the person you are bussing come up with a good excuse to live another day, just to be investigated and come up as Unseen anyway. It wastes A LOT of time for BD (night investigating and day executing), gives you another life to rethink strategies and also gets you the trust you intended to have.

For MasterMind, an additional tip would be to claim a scout on the person you converted n1, but as they were converted n2. This allows you to 1) use one of the abilities of the converted person 2) convert someone again at n3 3) make BD believe convert night was n2, so the next one will be n4 and so on, completely misleading some info they may have 4) still get that sweet trust, which is the point to start with. Important to note to NOT bus starting Assassin with this strategy, as it won’t make much sense, as this is specifically well used to fake a convert.

For Cult Leader, the basic: sacrifice the guy you are going to bus. Nothing much needed to add here.


You won’t get any sacrifice bonuses if they get executed during the day


Wait what
Since when thats a thing o.O


It always had been


My life is a lie


Sacrifice happens at the end of the night


Good shit, my man :ok_hand:


Inverting this idea when you convert a sheriff/paladin is a strong gambit mid-late game. If there is a paladin finding cult left right and centre, but not the Cult Leader it makes it more likely he is cult himself.

On the other side of the coin, bussing the cult leader as a converted paladin makes you look very BD at that moment, and definitely warranting some protection at night.

An underused gambit is the same idea from unseen, converting a sheriff the same night he’s likely to surv you and find you as MM but using the 5/6 seconds to talk during the twilight phase to tell him "bus me as Mastermind tomorrow pretty much locks him as BD for the rest of the game and will get the BD to incorrectly POE him from being unseen.


Thx dude


It is definitely a viable strategy to bus your mm if they are playing porrly/have a bad claim, especially if you’re an invest who was asked to check him

Claiming that he is NS could out you both as Unseen but you should still talk it over with the MM if you can


Scorned can claim as day one outed as the alchemist.
Disguise someone as Neutral Killer and out them to the court via truth someone neut.
Beware doing so may provoke the evils to poison you.

As a pretender king, depending on the situation claim as the pretender king that way the evils could go kill other players. But beware, outing yourself as pretender king may cause butler to poison you.

Claim as a princess to flirt dead people may make people think that you are the pretender.
In the Neuts Out game, BD will hang you for the knight, princess, butler. Claim bleeding/poison on some days may make people think that you are neutral killer.

Strange way to play: claim as the physician in prince jail, if the prince gives you the number to innoculate someone, out yourself as a Sellsword and stonewall that person and hide. The court still wonders why you are still alive and voted you upped and hanged.

When the court knows that its a reaper game due to the hollow bodies, chilled someone if you are jailed, this helps to make prince think that the player is reaped and you are free to go.
The common mistake for the king is when the king is bleed/poison, they won’t self-guard most of the time to save for the rainy days. Use that as an advantage and reaped the king.

Even Weird risky reaper strats: Blame someone and chilled that blamed player. People think that since there are no logs and possible fake reaped, execute that player.

Possessor: if you roughly know who the knight guarding the player or hunter is, puppet string someone like prince/ mastermind on to that player instead.
You may also leave converted bodies to make Blue Dragons feel vex about it.
Note: as Possessor, you may not want to be Psycho King as force votes are more efficient for defense.

Claim as a proving physician or pretender and step up to the throne. Since butler cannot poison you, you are safe. Play some mind games to the court if required.


That’s not very effective. Firstly people must notice the person is quiet, and it also wont die next night. If THEN you reap them, yet they will know they were not indeed reaped last day. Not to say chill is stronger if used during lategame proactively once you are outed. A Reaper with 5 souls against 5 BD already won, in most cases. Chill King, reap somebody, chill the other day, reap somebody and go like that until you win. That’s why Butlers are always a priority to kill.


Alrighty, I just came back from a holiday and will be updating this guide soonish. Let me know what should be updated/ extra suggestions since the new patch came out please!


Tip: as NK you pretty much always want to become psycho king mid-late game cause pretty much all NKs got massively nerfed, especially reaper since your chill does nothing now(no need to worry about souls, at least). Be wary of pretenders though, as they will try their best to kill you


Poss doesnt necessarily need to become psycho king, butlers/occupiers are your biggest threat however


Now updated to 2.1.0, sort of.
Added in a section with a link to the most recent patch, updated the sections in the guide to 2.1.0.

Suggestions are now all added in until this post.

Poke me if there is still any outdated info or there are more claim ideas. Thanks <3


@southrobin there are multiple mentions of how the hunter is unique in this guide.

also reaper’s chill is now distract, alch no longer viable seeker claim. There is more but these are the ones which are the most important.

also poss and mm are no longer occ immune.


Maybe put in its viable to claim Merc as Reaper
You can use circle to fake guards so lets see n3 I say oh I guarded this guy if circle killed nobody which it usually does and even if it kills one person you can still say you guarded as bd wont put 2 and 2 together and say oh I got 2 brilders from that and people will think oh they got 2 brilders the other 2 nights I have like a 85% win rate with this tactic if played right