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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


they aren’t


they both count as a loss


Really? I thought they were

Still, I don’t think it should be allowed


I mean their options or either lose or wait and then lose


Really it should just autoresolve to a possessor win since that is the inevitable outcome


Yeah, do you get partial gold if you get a draw? Kind of sucks when everyone loses.


Yes, you get partial gold when you lose as well :joy::ok_hand:


aah, rip. I have no idea cuz I have never lost before. /s


100% winrate.

1 game played


Huh? Fol? I have like 0% winrate.




You thought I would only make a Possessor guide but you thought wrong

This is a Reaper guide btw
  • Leavers in the game? Reap them for free souls without notifying BD of a reaper game. Physicians won’t exhume leavers thinking they only suicided as well, further delaying the reveal of a reaper game. Be sure not to open your deathnote though, or it’ll be left on the corpse and reveal that someone attacked them

  • Sometimes it may be better to try and get a king executed if they are super passive or seem evil instead of using souls to reap them. However, reaping the starting king is definitely a viable choice because his allies can easily out you, unless you pray to RNGesus that he doesn’t ally you(allies needs to be nerfed)

  • Adding onto the tip above, don’t empower reap king early, they’ll likely ally. Also, never use circle of death unless you are 100% sure you can get at least 4+ deaths with it, cause otherwise it’s a massive waste of souls

  • Try to reap the assassin/cult leader every once in a while so they die and won’t attack you, crippling the unseen/cult. Don’t do it too much though, because their kpn is definitely useful

  • Reaping drunks, butlers, and knights is a must due to their ability to stop you in your tracks. Reaping princesses and observers is also a good idea, but there is the chance that princess claims could be mm or pretender, wasting you a night

  • Don’t claim physician, it’s an obvious reaper claim and you can even claim poisoned/bleeding so BD come and heal you and will likely leave you alone. If there are no healers left, just claim chronomancer if possible. (Oh and never claim knight either)

  • If you’re running low on souls and it’s mid/late game try reaping king so you can become king. Your power comes ffromyour accumulation of souls late game and if you don’t have that, then you’re severely weakened, especially if it’s an unseen game. Princess/pretender claims recommend if you do, although that can backfire if there are too many (mm+pretender). Other royals could also work(not Noble unless you have enough souls to chill/reap people), although have to have good logs though!

  • Assassin’s distract disables your day abilities for 20 seconds, which is important late game when you need to chill people. Be prepared and have fast fingers or you’ll likely lose!

  • Reaping talkative people is a good idea since they can’t be healed/delayed. Just watch out for knights though! (Not whisperers if unseen game)

  • If it’s an unseen game, you don’t need to reap the whisperers becuase the mm will likely handle those

  • Faking reaped nearly never works. It’s usually a bad idea to try it.

  • Reaping poisoned people is sometimes a good idea. They won’t be immune(cause mm) and will likely not have knights on them. Observers might follow them to check healers though, although they are uncommon

  • If you’re going to claim alch, don’t do it day one as you will possibly be checked and definitely don’t do it if you were attacked n1, as alchs are immune N1

  • If you do happen to find the mm, it’s a good idea out him around d5 as sheriff or princess. It’ll give you credibility as well as crippling the Unseen. You will have to judge if it’s a good idea to out him yourself though

  • If you have 0 souls and you get attacked, you will die, regardless of a successful reap or not(it used to be that you survived but not anymore). If you have one and get attacked you’ll live

  • Accusing someone and chilling them does work sometimes, but you have to judge whether or not it’s worth your souls. They might out you in their logs as well.

More later


Thank you @MaximusPrime @NuclearBurrito @Mercenary @Planterror for the detailed strategies and input! I’ve added them in and will slowly refine them.

Guide is now updated to patch 2.0.2 with a disclaimer for MM claiming noble and a small alchemist section. (Also glad I managed to save your inputs before the forums went down, phew!)


Well nuclear’s posts got deleted but I remembered what he said

Reaping alchs/sellswords can be good because they have the unfortunate habit of accidentally occupying killers(tar/intimidate) and every soul matters as the reaper.


Yep, I added everything in the deleted posts which was useful.
Reworded it to “If the mercenaries /alchemists / sellsword refuses to be on your side, you may want to consider reaping them. This is because they may prevent you from visiting or occ you, stopping you from accumulating any souls.” But it’s there.


that’d be reportable tho

so if sellsword is playing for unseen/cult then you reap them


Fixed. Guess I’m not gonna update stuff in the future when I’m tired. : )


All the more reason to reap them


So exhume really says killed by King if it was Psycho King kill? Does it say just “King” or “Psycho King”? Great guide btw.


It says “King” but it makes no difference.