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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


Thanks Southrobin /pat

You should really join a forum of lies some day UwU


Thank YOU, you’re very kind.
One day perhaps when I have more time. Thank you though :’)


YES, more delicious newbies. We need MOORE.


Can you add that in 15 player games there is 1 less neut?


Apostle makes this easier too, since everyone can whisper claims. you can just say you flirted those that whispered their claims already.


Wheres psycho kang? >:(


: T
This is a claim guide, not a how to play all classes guide.
Mayhaps you’d like to create a guide yourself on how to play psycho kang?


Done and added, thanks for the suggestions!


I find one for the fool that works pretty well is just outright claiming alch or merc, especially when other neutrals have been executed for just being neut before. Another take on this is to get pushed up and plead as a pretender, scorned, or inquisitor (Note that the inquisitor doesn’t work as a very good claim without one actually in the game, and even then can be risky.)


Possessor Strategies I Use

Note: you don’t have to listen to me, I am just stating what I have generally found helpful. Feel free to leave helpful suggestions/feedback

As possessor I like to fake invest like princess/maid/obs(don’t claim Hunter or Noble, it’s overrated) and have fake sus checks on people, then fake reaped and jump the next night(make sure you don’t hit an immune though or it could backfire).

If you are going to fake a reaper game using jumps(its a good idea because it causes confusion and makes BD look through the wrong claims for nk), then killing physicians are your top priority, as their exhume will out you(and butlers/drunks), even though they usually pose next to no threat to you. (Note that if a drunk/butler already targeted you then the only way you can fake this is with face-lifting as an occ imm/deb imm class)
It’s also good to kill knights if you’re using this strategy because if you accidentally get your stringed target dead through a knight guard, then it’ll be clear that it’s a Possessor game if the knight is smart and has a deathnote. You can mostly avoid this if you don’t try to kill the obvious knight guard targets though. Additionally, It’s always smart to kill observers but if you think you can trick them into visiting the person you’re going to kill, then it could be worth it to not kill them, although that also has the chance to backfire and reveal it as a Possessor game.

Kill priority: Observer>Physician(only if faking reaper game)>Princess>Drunk>Butler>Maid>Knight
[tl;dr kill physicians if you are faking reaper game and always kill observers and princesses if you think they will flirt you. Jumping to a previously flirted princess target can be decent, as they are unlikely to flirt them again, and jumping to confirmed targets vary]

Try to string active whisperers, but not the super obvious ones that could have an observer on them(if there is one. Obs spawn chances are usually pretty low but if it’s a cult game, then watch out for seekers claiming obs). Stringing invests(not sheriff/pala) are best as you can gain lots of info through them, and so can stringing alchemists, although they sometimes have observers on them.

If you string someone and they whisper to king that they happened to visit the dead person that night then it’s good to fake obs and out that they visited the dead player as they can’t deny it and you probably won’t be jailed/lynched unless someone happened to visit them, as you would be able to see all visitors if you were real.

If you can deduce prince quickly and jump to him before he outs/has protectives on him, then you’re pretty much fine as long as people don’t suspect a Possessor game, otherwise you may need to jump soon(it’s also treat for keeping protectives on you)

If you jump into Cult Leader or Assassin you want to jump out ASAP because the evil faction will very likely out you. Smart evils will also know who you jumped to if they happen to attack that player the same night. There’s pretty much no way to counter this besides not jumping into he night kill target.

Always be wary if executing fools as you lose a use of your Mind Control and Possess and you’re severely weakened without those

If you find that the mm is still alive and near the end kf the game, then you want to keep 2 other people alive as you cannot win if the mm is alive in the last 2 unless they gamethrow and turn into assassin or suicide. Leave another person alive and mind control the them into voting the mm.

Keep all claims you have in private notes and be prepared to create/change/fix logs when you jump. Also be sure to continue logs exactly as they were written or rewrite them once you jump, as that can out you to more experienced players.

Don’t jump into poisoned/bleeding players as healers will receive “dnr” when they try to heal you. If there are no healers, then it will be suspicious when you don’t die.

General scum tip: Killing Merc early game can be useful as they tend to shield/sg princes and stop converts a lot which can be a detriment to you. Up to the player though, but as Possessor you have twice the chance to get prevented as you visit two people

Risky, but possibly beneficial jumps: jumping as a knight who CSed someone scummy(if you try to fake CS you could get found out as poss if they’re confirmable) or guarded your jump target or a Butler who tried to occupy your jump target so you don’t have to create fake logs for that night.

Try not to jump as neutral. It’s better to leave fake corpses as BD instead as 1) if you do accidentally jump into a neutral, you can claim it and use the minimum 2 neutrals stratgey to try and stay alive if they don’t suspect a Possessor game yet and 2) it’s just generally not as suspicious and doesn’t cause chaos. It also doesn’t do anything for you and doesn’t throw suspicion on other players.

Being flexible is the most important part when playing Possessor. You frequently have to adapt to new situations so having this skill will boost your winrate by a lot(for any class, not just poss, but poss experiences it more usually)


So summarize it in 5 words or less?


Actually it wouldn’t be gamethrowing to do that unless you are poisoned. You can’t gamethrow if you can’t win


Draw>Loss tho


Is it gamethrowing to lose instead of draw? I don’t think it is.


I mean it is not gamethrowing.It is only my opinion.


In any objective sense Draw = Loss


Also in this case it’s a Possessor win after a finite but arbitrarily large number of days


How would the mm be poisoned? But yeah, it’s technically going against your win condition


sorry I mean the possessor


if the possessor is poisoned/bleeding then the MM shouldn’t dirty works. Otherwise he eventually will


I feel like draws are still preferable to loses as draws are counted in your w/l ratio I believe