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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


I realised I missed out the fool as well, thanks for pointing it out.


I mean, I figured you didn’t put it there since there are endless strategies to play as fool. Especially with TB and Decieve.


While there are an endless amount of strategies to play fool, it is important to list the commonly used strategies that do NOT work.


True. I often see fools die a lot at night, mainly since they often choose the wrong strat.

I think a guide like that could help


@Lightsin I think that might require a seperate Fool guide on it’s own.
There are a lot of ways to play the fool and will be hard to cover them all in a claiming guide.
But feel free to suggest if both of you have ideas.


Basic guide is up for now. Added in some credits in the first comment. Guide is updated to patch 2.0.1 at this point.

Feel free to suggest more to be added if I missed out on anything else. Thanks all for contributing to the topic!



  1. Get Foolish
  2. Seem Foolish
  3. Think Foolish
  4. Be Foolish
  5. Be Foolishly Lynched
  6. Success!




I think this needs to include more claims that are for utility rather than reducing suspicion for non-MM/Neut scum.

For example Sheriff and Maid are great assassin/CL/Seeker claims not because you can go under the radar. But because you can take someone down with you and cause chaos while possibly gaining majority before they can lynch you.

Or maybe claiming Princess or Knight as an excuse to ask people for claims. Princess is cross referencing and Knight can threaten to CS. This can get bonus info beyond abilities and is sometimes even townread (not to mention it can cause more misslynches)

Your goal as scum is to keep BD from reaching a critical mass of confirmed players at all costs. You cannot do that by going ninja


Sheriff/Paladin is a good inquisitor claim too. Once the Prince and a heathen is dead or if 2 heathens are dead you can accuse a heathen of being scum. If there is still 1 left then stab them at night before you can be executed

Agro Knight can sometimes work for similar reasons but isn’t as effective as a heathen might read you correctly as looking for their class


I’m actually gonna add that in because Phoenix Wright/Von Karma is great.


Honestly, some good ideas there. Gonna add them in later, thank you.
Community guides are better than what any one single person can think up, because of the variety of playstyles. ;’)


oh yeah. The agro knight part is kinda weirdly worded given that it isn’t with the part about princess/knight. Probably should have thought of that


Editted it, thanks


Well some suggestions for playing fool:

  • think like the evils (Use the same fake claim as unseen/cult, claim knight getting occupied when there are zero nightkills, etc)

  • Use trollbox near the end of day or during trial (e.g. when there are zero nightkills, TB I occupy this game and there are no kills then follow up with a frame)

  • Avoid the jail by claiming I can proof myself tonight for knight, hunter claims. Then say you are occupied.


You can claim almost anything, princess in an unseen game, even mystic when you are getting jailed. I personally like claiming late to king to attract attention and allow me to change my claim accordingly.


Is this linked anywhere on the Discord?

It probably should be, since not all players actually browse here.


Ye, I’ll ask Southrobin or someone to pin a link in general or something


I wonder as poss, daredevil claiming as obs
For example puppet string 8 to 2 .
8 whispered to king saying inv 13 ns
then u can whisper to king follow 8, x>8>13.
Sometimes you may add the dead person to visit the puppet person.
Or even say 8 is the killer.


Thank you @Qwert , @Geyde @Marcus_Doodalee and @Justforfun.
Guide has been updated and pinned in the general chat (and ask-a-guide) of the ToL discord.
Appreciate the suggestions and the help.