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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


I’ve actually seen a Scorned winning by claiming Sheriff in a Cult game. Both Paladins voted for the execution. I’m thankful I rolled CL that match.


Additionally, as an Unseen convert you should also fakeclaim as another class if you plan on playing too aggressively. Say, if you got converted as a Knight and the Prince is outed, if you plan to Frenzy him then don’t claim Knight at all as it’d be obvious there is an Enforcer in play, or if you’re a converted Physician and the Assassin plans on poisoning then you should claim another class as a Herbalist.


Alice gom play some more tol


So again why did court trust sheriff claim over pally claim ?


The sad part is that none of the Paladins claimed and just voted the CW up and executed him. Cult won.


Wow this seems interesting

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Whoa captain abusing mod privilegdes


Excuse me i am not abusing, this seems like good thread to pin


It’s a joke


bad joke and i am not even mod and do you have any tips? I heard you always carry Maxi


Yeah maximus is realllllly bad at ToL.

I find claiming princess as cult leader is a really good idea


So you are claiming mastermind princess as cult leader


Yes, most people don’t expect it


Also claim observer as seeker


It is not exactly a tip but newbies can’t roll Prince, Hunter, King, MM, CL, CW, and neutrals in their first 15 games.Unseen has 66% chance to spawn and Cult has 33% chance to spawn.ignore 1%


Unseen is 66.67% Cult is 33.33% :stuck_out_tongue:





Lel, I thought you were back with even more ideas :’)


I think this is mostly filled out to be honest.

Also, why isn’t fool on this? They essentially are compulsory evil.