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Beginner's Evil Claiming Guide [Community Run] 2.1.1


and get executed.


to be fair, theyll execute the knight claim anyways


Because we all know every Knight is Assassin. Simple as that.


A small but risky strategy. If you are a killer class and your attack fails, at the beginning of the next day whisper to the person you attacked “I healed you last night” or something like that to get the credit in case they were healed.


orrrrr, you can start firing first by saying that the princess claim is suspicious,


Errr Robin, that MM guide is eons old, does it still help?


It still does, the basic idea is still there :’)


Legitimately, SS is best when it tries to cause MyLo on powerful BD classes, like investigatives. Calling per say the princess a K/O and getting them lynched.

Your job is not to live, but to make sure BD loses. So claiming classes that help keep you alive doesn’t really help. What is a knight claim going to do to help unseen win, when calling their MM ns on n4 does?

I’d argue you should change this section to focus on how to make MyLo (mislynches) happen as evil, as they are central to being a SS


It works everytime

MM claiming Princess in FoL


You made a decent point, added to the SS section.


I’d argue that even in games with a princess, you should NEVER claim a s/s class. Scorned has to fight an uphill battle to get 3 BD lynched, so proper use of disguise can alleviate some of the pressure.

For example, claiming that the hunter before they died on n2 visited 5, as you had disguised 5 as poss the night before.

As scorned, even in games with princess, you should ‘try to play an invest’. Just don’t claim to King early on, and you should be able to react with a phys/chrono/cw claim most of the time.


I’m in agreement, a Scorned who goes on a Sheriff/Pally/Obs conquest gets more chaos done in the court


I’d add paladin to that list with some confidence. Also alch under most circumstances.

Your main job as Seeker is to find the main threats to cult in addition with conversion targets.

Finding a player as support/invest/offensive in most situations means a safe conversion. Tell your CL of this at the beginning of the night.

Finding players as Killer or Social is risky business for conversion. Pay attention to the claims. If a player says they were linked and you found 4 as Social, you likely found the mystic.

Finding the neutral killer can be used to confirm any of your cult members, as they can “out” them for credibility. For reference, when determining if the player is the neutral killer you may want to ask the king what that player claimed.

Finding the prince is of great importance. A tip for finding them in most games is to look at what players did NOT whisper the king, and then narrow it down from there.


Ahh, inquis. One of the hardest neutral classes.

Given that there are three players that know you exist, make CERTAIN to not try to cast any suspicion on yourself.

If you are checked to be Neutral or S/I to a check, the likelihood of death by lynch is extremely high. Do not claim easily faked classes, because the heathens will want anybody that ‘could’ be inq dead.

This is why I would advocate for classes that should not draw suspicion, such as Observer or even the Hunter in rare scenarios given your ‘ninja’ status (cannot be followed).


Thank you for all the suggestions, I’m slowly adding them to the list.
You and @Livicus make some very good points.
Much appreciated!


Dang, time for that win rate of mine to skyrocket from

21% to 9001%


Add here that it may be better not to claim Mystic.


Tbf people may just ignore as ‘fool’ and then bam you’ve won the game


Thanks, this was a great point.


I can’t stress enough how easy it is to fakeclaim princess, even if you are not an invest.

The main thing to look out for is what sort of questions people are asking and thinking what sort of class would ask that question? And by extension, you now have a fair idea of their class…

Even when you have to randomly guess someone’s flirt result, you will be correct 1 out of 3 times! That’s not too bad odds when you think about it!
Or you go for the classic K/O check and claim framed when you are called out for it.