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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Heh. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You were being scummy so I shot you lol


why you guys still here lol


The fact that both died AND flipped Greenskin should’ve been at least SLIGHTLY suspicious.


Squid was actually scum, i just bussed her


Nice job bussing your best late game role

She got Vig`d for it.


I was expecting to die instead


You did

Just the next night.


Dirty Elf Lover


I was an Elf myself

So, im not an Elf lover.


Blizer doesn’t breed confirmed


Marl I think you need to do something


Im like bacteria, I can just split my cells to create a new form.






Yeah I know she was scum.


I know im Necroing this thread, but Did anyone notice the soft from this?


today’s lucky lottery numbers


Oh I didn’t notice that soft.
That was clever.


Yeah, lul.

I think Fk saw it, cause he wanted me to give him 5 numbers and stuff.