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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


@MaximusPrime i can’t believe you’ve done this


Same here


VIs do that on Town of Salem, you do realise?
they act like wolves so they don’t get NK’d


Couldnt convert otb


“Only one greenskin left”
meanwhile all 3 of us are alive and nobody is the wiser
i tailor an unclaimed elf which i was softing the entire game



So Why dont u do that


How did you allow sam bus 3 scums


Because you never make yourslef be misread on purpose as village?


Well then you will get NKd early And not make Good reads Cuz you followed some stupid rule


You do realise that if you’re being nk’d for having good reads you’re doing it right?


Wont help you if you are Good player but you get nkd early unless you can gamesolve d1



I am useful for the first time in the century, yay.


Someday there would be a game where Townies won’t blindly sheep anybody…someday…


oof me, also how did soulshade die?


I think Blizer vigged.


Marl: Accuses me and Squid of being scum.
Following day: Both me and Squid are dead and are scum.
Everyone: GrEaT rEaDs MoRl! ThErE’s ClEaRlY nOtHiNg OfF hErE!


Nah greenskins killed Soulshade.

I killed PKR.


Can somebody quote the post where Marl said this? I still can’t find it :wilted_flower:

Also having correct reads shouldn’t be a scumtell if it was town would literally never win the game because everybody who has good reads would be killed off leaving only the people who are wrong :UUU


Gg all. :slight_smile: Sorry for being crappy.