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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Wait, so how was he death immune :thinking:


I was on your side tbh, Plant just listened to Ninja more


One Undead member has to be death Immune


There was a random member of each scum faction that was death immune and Invest immune.

Luxy was the undead member that had that.



I didn’t read that part.


You assumed he is not that member since Ragna found them as scum.

The problem is… Ragna was drugged.


Hjasik made Ragna find invest immune scum member :’)



I kinda skimmed over a couple things.


Hj`s night actions were good

He just did nothing in the day.

Which is his usual scum AI.




Its the Truth man.


why did I just read Asriel


Oh sorry I didn’t see this message before. I’m in Game 6, which I don’t believe anybody else here is in.


I did nothing!


Me too!


Me Three!


Me four


what can you do when you get NK’d before making a single decent read, however?


Play like VI for first day So scum wont kill you


that’s not how this works
that’s not how any of this works