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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Are dark elves also arrogant pieces of shit?


Usually, yes.


Yeah I fit the part.


i talked bout eevee already for a 40k fm, im a 40k fan and player so i told him i help him with the setup if he wants it


And i wanted to thank you folks for accepting me in the game and explaining shit for my sorry ass, i can now say i finished my first FM. Thank you bows


People were not happy with how i acted with the Chaos Mayor situation lul


yeah i was also suprised like “hold up…”


You did good for a newbie, good job


a praise by maxi? am i drunk?


Fk, i see that you got mad at me for believing i was converted lul.


‘Maximus would send death threats to a spikey door knob if he hit it enough’


Once I almost lost in a turbo cause a newbie voted me even thought her was a confirmed vigilante kill N1 and I was the uncced vigi :ppp



I mean

Maybe tho




I mean I am technically dead when Luxy got tailored and flipped Undead .-.


He wasnt tailored lul.


Ragna I wanted to reiterate that I’m really sorry this had to happen and you should definitely play more Mafia because you did really well, especially considering that you’re a newbie.
Thanks for playing with me and I’m incredibly sorry that you couldn’t win this time around.


Wait, so who did you use my sword on :eyes:


I didnt really thought that i was winning tbh when both dwarves flipped dead so yeah =P no biggie



He was death immune.

So yea, i kinda fucked up and got you killed for no reason there mb.