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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


A Shooting Duck. Named Vigilante


Drug Dealer, Framer, and Tailor were definitely enough to make me doubt literally everything in this game.
Town needs mechanics in their favor to win a game where they are less than half the players and there are literally 6 factions the balance here was fine. Maybe it should be a thing that scum can’t rand citizen at least but other than that it was pretty good. Keep in mind that town was able to lynch a form of daily scum KP Day 3 and that’s a pretty unlikely occurrence.


Cause, they got fucked by scumslipping and Sam as observer lol.


Margaret was doctor and Everqueen of Ulthuan. (The protection of island is one of tasks of everqueen)

Nerbins was spy and Malekith (Since Dark Elves are about spying, tricks ect.)

Blizer was a wood elf. :’)


Eevee What about My flavour



or i sue.


Blizer, you was Orion, obviously.


Or actually could be Ariel as well.

I never fully decided wich one of this 2, lol.


I guess My flavour will never be told


Just drug deal your flavor to one of your liking :’)


Hjasik, Lord of Bussing Fellow Scum, and also the Chaos Drug Dealer


uh Sam bussed scum


Hiss How dare you lynch the cuddly Dwarf Cop?!


In the end, I still got to help Plant get to know everything


Also this game I learned openwolfing is fun


Ikr, openwolfing is 10/9


What was I Eevee?


Because elves are far superior.


You were a hamster. Totaly.