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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


@eevee You gotta do a Warhammer 40k FM now.

I will await the day till it comes.

And i wouldnt mind being a VC bot/Co-host for it.


Also you promised to be salty for that drug


Haha the ISOs of those people just screamed to me that they had no interest in town winning this game and didn’t believe in their posts if that makes sense. I think it’s easier for me to read people from here simply because I’m used to a different style of making reads that you guys aren’t as knowledgeable about and therefore able to trick.
Sam did also but I ignored that because I thought he was Watcher but as we were nearing the end I had a strong townread on everybody but him haha.

Thanks Maxi you played pretty well too! I’m sorry for us not finding eachother until almost the end.
Also I found it kinda sad that the post you got modkilled for wasn’t even correct about Drug Dealer rip. D:

I really hate “defending myself” as town because the only real way I can prove it is through getting correct reads but just try to let your town alignment show itself. If you truly believe in yourself being a townie (because you are), the rest of the town should hopefully be able to see it.


I am salty.

I want you blacklisted tbh.

Your play this game was atrocious, and you have done this pretty much everytime you have been scum.

Not to mention, Dick move, cause i actually thought i was replaced out, till i realized Eevee would have announced it to everyone.


Penguin you aren’t really convincing tbh



Body seems unclear


Your reads are accurate

You aren’t convincing at all


Teach me senpai

eevee’s tutoring FK, I need to git gud too


How would I know he would Check u luls


Luxy, you suffered two fucking days of trying to convince that you werent scum.

All i have to say about that is

Feels Bad.


Yea not like I know How to play better as scum



It’s almost like you are stating infomation and why someone’s scum instead of convincing people to vote


I’m probably gonna play games with mostly the people I know from contexts off here but I’m definitely going to play more games on this site when I have the time for the sheer quantity of posts and phases lengths it’s super hard to make a mark of the game and push reads when I’m not.


I mean, look at other people, and learn how to play it.

Still want a temp blacklist on you btw.


I was trying to hard and hjasik fucked me


I mean, you were undead,

That would have been a red check no matter what.


Blacklist for What for playing bad?


@H_Hjasik why didn’t you just send me feedback ‘hjasik is chaos’ and then we could’ve worked together


No i was immune to checks


I mean, you didnt do anything.