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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


I liked Bus Driver :frowning:


Also, me myslynching Insanity.
Feels bad man.


I have zero regrets killing you.


Stop claiming neutral evil please


I have regrets not transporting myself with Squid
Whom I scumread but no one cared about


Also game is rigged. Marl wasn’t a Bus Driver. :neutral_face:
@Eevee What have you done, boy!? You had one job…


All it does is make people assume they are right even more which isn’t actually helpful


I claim Scornsochistender


Also, Squid didnt play that bad, but she was Shadethrowy as fuck.

And, im kinda surprised she kept her dayvigs.


I am obvs best scum player on this Forum




Hard to do anything with a guy screaming “no stop it u scum” and you are totally lost on what to do.
So I just hoped someone got the Tatarrah thing.


I feel like my flavor is the Witch King Maleketh.

Just cause i was a vig.

AKA im a dark elf.


Also What was My flavour



Ninja was right

It’s stupid to use it when not being suspected


Something something war rat I think? I don’t know war hammer well and I just got told a name I’ll have to find it again


Fair enough.

Just felt like, you kinda had an outted Mayor there. Pretty easy kill.


I mean when I am getting accused I always claim fool


Who is hosting next game And What it is ?


So is Ninja sticking around for more games on this site or only eevee-related things?