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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Also, I feel glad that i killed only one ally that game.

It feels nice knowing that now.


Not reading a thread at all + lurking on purpose so your team won’t have any chances to win. Yep totally not a throw.


I think Hjasik did a great/hilarious job with the role he was given, he just needs to slank less as scum. It’s something I’ve been working on myself since CITJR3.


Hjaisk made people laugh

However he didn’t actually try at all


Math and Astand got hardcore fucked.

Gotta love thunderdomes.


Really disappointing besides his night results tbh


I need to know how to properly defend myself without claiming neutral evil.
which isn’t a defense.


Chaos Mayor my ass.


I claim jester


I know right, aren’t drug dealers the bes-
That sounded way too wrong.


to be fair, it could’ve worked on OTB.


Bin would have fallen for it

I’m certain


I like how Luxy complained how Townsided this was, but Scum have so many classes to fuck mechanical info, that its pretty balance tbh.


@overthebin how’s your chaos mayor gameplay


Again, Dick move hj, by telling me i was force replaced out.


The one class that would fuck me over was in the game and ended up hitting me



It wasn’t townsided, scum just didn’t play well.


Pretty much.

That was legit, the worst game ive seen from Mathblade so far, but i think he was dealing with Irl shit, so he was kinda busy.


Its a fun move


Except the part when scum has Undead Goon. oof