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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Gotcha, alright



Did you see any tailor flip after Marl? :thinking:


I like how no one thought it was strange that both people he accused of being scum died and both flipped scum.


Nope I stabbed him


Gotta say, Love marl for shade throwing his own teammate.


What game is next btw?


andy you guys thought i was the dealer :frowning:


Tbh, since d3, it kinda was impossible for you to be dealer.


If i could sumarise this game in few words i would say:

“Nice Throw Hjasik.” :neutral_face:


We’ll tell Andy to be careful next time.


@Firekitten why was Gamerpoke force replaced out?


They were in dead chat


Brought into dead chat despite not being dead.


Oh, that fucking sucks.


I didn’t do nothing, I saved a Greenskin from poison!


I dIdNt ThRoW


The cheek of you.


You kinda did.

Didnt even try to convince us.


they got thrown into dead hat for some reason


Man I swear that you claiemd Elf.