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Battle of 25 armies - Warhammer Fantasy FM - RoM & Elf win


Nah, cause you Drugged me you ass.




Ninja: subs in

tinfoils all scum correctly

now what


Also, Hj you need to fucking stop Lurking when your scum.

Its so bad.



I wouldn’t say humans placed great. I would say scum played terribly, if it wasn’t for sam I think we would be seeing a different result


flip a coin of course dwarves or elves


Who was our missing Elf, btw.


however I was impressed with ninja guessing all scum.


GG everybody I’ve already said my thoughts lol but thanks for playing this game with me and thanks to Eevee and our uniformed co-host FK because this was a totally interesting and fun setup!


Squid wasn’t tailored

It was Celeste


Also the day I died, everyone I scumread (aside from GamerPoke) turned out scum.


Squid was Scum?

Fuck yes.




What can I saaaay except
You’re welcome.


So wait, was Marl tailored, or no?


No he wasn’t


I was the first person to say Sam could be Observer but yeah




I enjoyed modkilling bin btw


Sorry for accidentally (mostly) getting modkilled both games with you

You were great :+1: