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Basic Evil Claim Guide (Patch 2.2)


This topic is based on @Southrobin guide and improved by me. Check his topic here :

Warning: This guide do not contain every possible in ToL. Be creative in playing the game. Claim anything you like as it lead you to the win.

General Information
-Only 1-2 Neutral in 15 players game.
-There is at least one healer per game. (Physician, Chronomancer, Alchemist).
-There is a maximum of 3 of the same non-unique BD classes in a game.
And a max of 2 non-unique Neutral.
-Some unique classes are the NK, Mystic, Prince, Pretender, Sellsword, Scorned, Inquisitor.
If there are three or more people claiming the same class, they are generally seen as suspicious due to the low odds for three of the same class to spawn.

General Evils Claim

-Weak Claim: CW, Knight, Physician, Chronomancer or even the Alchemist.
+These claims are easy to fake logs, as well as easy to prove. Court will also start to searching Evils from these claims. So only claim if you cant think of a good claim.

-Decent Claim: Princess, Sheirff/Paladin, Butler, Maid
+These claims are pretty safe and only get upped when you got poorly info or the Weak Claim all been confirmed/killed.
+Most of these claim are Investigator, in early game you can give out info/false info to King to cause chaos or confirm yourself. In middle/late game, you can “bus” your fellow members to gain trustworthy as well as clear up a space convert. Or giving false info to get BD mislynched.

-Strong Claim: Drunk, Observer
+These claim is very hard to fake unless you are them but converted. But if you are confident in faking logs, these claim will likely never draw attention from BD to you unless all other claims are cleared.

-Avoid to Claim:
+Any class that are unique are the one you should never wanted to claim, except claiming Hunter as SellSword or Fool to cause chaos.
+These claim are : Prince, Mystic, Hunter

Claim as certain Class

-Claim with confirmed Princess/Pretender in game :
+Maid, Sheriff, Princess or even the Observer (Only if you confident in your faking logs skill).

-Claim normally :
+You should claim avoid the S/I as much as possible, so the court wont target you to find MM. But it is risky without confirming any Princess/Pretender in the game, and you also may get found by The King.
+Claim Drunk as the MasterMind could give you the trustworthy if you claimed to “Deb” your Assassin into someone. But that will require a lot of teamworks.
+One of the more viable options is to claim your converted’s class. Such as if you converted a Sheriff and he didnt claim yet, you may want him to claim something else and you will claim his space. This is even better in the game with only 1 Sheriff since the BD likely never target you.

-Claim with confirmed Princess/Pretender in game :
+K/O class, and if you claimed Hunter, be prepare to counterclaim the real one.
+Your most painful things is having a Princess/Pretender in game. Get rid of Princess as fast as possible, and then convince Pretender not to checked you.

-Claim normally :
(Insert suggestions here).

Converted Unseen
-As Converted Unseen, you may want to claim your previous class before got converted. But if you are Mystic or Knight didnt claimed yet and got converted early. It is best for you to claim somethings else than your previous claim. Its because Illusionist dont have ability to link and can be found easy. And the Enforcer will be upped if they found Prince, The King, or Mystic die with all the protections on them.


What the different between butler and drunk? (If you arent a sellsword)


Btw, I know hunter is unique but it worth to mention, because with king allies, sometimes you want to be a killer other then a knight.

Also, you’ve forgot the neut claims (alch, merc, fool, pretender)


This isn’t really a useful guide.

It’s miss leading to say you should claim drunk or butler when your new, you should go for someonthing non social or offensive especially if you are new.

Butler isn’t easy like sheriff invests generally are as easy to claim as chrono or phys and are as suspicious as them, Observer would be a advance claim yes but it wouldn’t be Super hard

It also depends on what evil class you are generally


I am also on my way to improve this, i am writing claims for every evil class


Drunk claim can work out between MM and Assassin, making MM trustworthy but that require alot of team-work. Whilr butler is an easy claim to avoid suspect and are easier to fake


Uh Drunk and butler are both as difficult as each other.

You’ll either need confirms occs or debs


0/10 guide doesn’t tell you that faking mystic as mastermind is a good idea


The good side on claiming Drunk or Obs (as any evil) is that you often don’t get asked for your logs - and when you have to post them, often enough BD won’t read them carefully enough. You are living from the unsuspiciousness of your class, and when you manage to “find” the NK with it, you can manage to get confirmed for the rest of the game.
Some of my best wins where were I was OG Assa, being a confirmed Drunk, since I “debbed” the NK; or reaper, being a confirmed Obs who is finding all the unseen.


I think that what i meant in the Guide


This thread should be taken down it is basically ruins the game imo. The point of the game is learning the tips and becoming more experienced and this just ruins the experience for newer players imo


You shouldn’t need a guide to play the game, a newer player should learn from experience and trial and error.


I’m sorry, but writing Guides is fine…?


It’s fine by I believe that it ruins game experience.


There is no badwrongfun. Anyone who doesn’t like guides doesn’t have to read them.
If you watch streamers or read guides or ask for tips for improving your gameplay, there is nothing wrong with that. If you personally prefer to learn by trial, that’s your own decision (and totally legit, but the other methods are legit too).


There are literal guides out there for playing tic-tac-toe. :eyes:


I think i do have that?