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Bard / Charlatan (BD / Unseen Social)


Bard (BD Social)
More Than Words: You are unaffected by silencing abilities (distract, chill, silence). (carries over while changing class)

Audience (inf use): Get an Audience with a player, you will be able to send one whisper secretly to them.

Lullaby (2 use): Silence a player for 20 seconds.

Serenade (inf use): No idea but something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Magnum Opus (1 use, cannot be used before n4): Receive all ability feedback from all players that you had an audience with.

Help me figure out something for night 1. I’m drawing blanks.
Something that doesn’t confirm the Bard or his target and is also fakeable.

Designed with the idea to create a fakeable BD social for fools, scorned and apostles, and maybe even more.
He looks like a class I would like to get often.

Charlatan (Unseen Social), converted from Bard
More than words: You are unaffected by silencing abilities (distract, chill, silence).

Illusion of Privacy (2 use): You will receive all whispers sent to your target instead. Players affected will be unaware of this. (Will hijack whispers sent to a PM mystic)

Speechless (1 use): Silence a player for 20 seconds.

Hidden Ace (2 use): Disguise an Unseen member as a chosen class. They will appear as that class to other players tonight.

A unique idea that should lessen the dependance of mechanical confirmation (flirted as s/i, found as occ immune etc.) and can basically ruin Mystic Meta on his own thanks to whisper hijacks.

Something I noticed while making all my suggestions is that it’s a lot easier to design a unique Unseen class compared to BD.




Also what does Bard become when converted to Cult?


Magnum not magnus, sorry.

He is social, so Apostle.


Okay, I’ll read the perks. You want me to convert them to more easily read?


Is the user of this ability alerted that someone attempted to silence? Also does the silencer get alerted?


Does the Nobel’s spy or similar abilites still see the contents?


In the occasion that there are 2 bards, does this bypass ‘More than words?’


This seems broken, for a lot of reasons. Converts and attacks shouldn’t be shown for one, not to mention the Kings visits.


Does this bypass Audience?


You know the drill! Does this bypass More than words? And why is there different names for the same ability?


Does this affect all investigations? If they die, are they flipped as the chosen class? Can you choose to flip them as cult/paladin or only Unseen roles? Is there a limit to this? Does this extend to execution?


Serenade means music to someone, so possibly an occupation ability? To be honest I think they’re strong enough already and I think it’s fine. Although it does require fine tuning.


Let’s start top to bottom:

You will be notified that someone tried to silence you, chill, distract, and other silences will have the same message to not out the Reaper.

The whisper is secret, like a one whisper use Mystic PM, so no.

No, they do not bypass “More than words”

The problem with not showing any feedback is that it would basically out them as something evil. I agree that it needs some fine tuning.

Yes, it does.

Literally specified that it shouldn’t bypass, argh.
Edit: Different names for flavour reasons.

It only works for that one specific night, it affects all types of investigation. Disguising your MM as a Butler would make him show BD, Killer/Offensive, Not Royal, Match with BD, etc.
No, you can’t disguise them as other Cult or Unseen, because what’s the point of it then.

The problem is that Magnum Opus is already strong and should be kept until you can get a big feedback one. Having no other night ability other than that one-use one seems not that great, that’s why I’m thinking of giving him another night ability. It’s just that designing a social ability that doesn’t break the balance is hard.


Why would a BD class want to silence?


I thought about this too. How many evil roles have day abilities that are worth disabling?


King that didn’t point on the Prince claim,
Known Reaper that is going to chill,
Poss + Noble converts to prevent them from force voting,
Assa and CL to prevent last second bleeds,

Also prevents evils from voting when you’re close to losing majority.


Pretty useless and bland Ngl