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Ban the word Dab

(that was the first result for ‘ellen show hillary and ellen dab’ on youtube)


thats at least 90% of all dabs


Okay I stand for good dabs then

NOTE: normies may dab as long as an edge lord gives them permission for that instance


really now? holy shit, I never knew dab wasn’t overused.


Ban “yeet” while you’re at it, too.


I haven’t heard anyone say “yeet” since 3 years ago. No need to ban a word no one uses.


You clearly haven’t played ToS then. That garbage word along with Pickle Rick and Dab is overly used.


I have not played ToS in a very long time


Also ban “Skidush”. No particular reason I just don’t like it.


and yas


Add an execution where you dab before killing them with a sword. Call it “Dab and Stab.”


/fullsupport on this and on the new rule that if Rope says any meme is he instantly IP banned from the forums. And that if something related to Danganronpa shows up and Noz doesn’t make a pun they should be banned too.


If I didn’t do something ddlc related…

I would be…


A non Doki Doki fan. The worst people of them all.


Monika or Monika?




(sorry everyone but this ingame issue didn’t get fixed. so I had to add more.)
(the problem got worse)


The best game developers don’t code what they want, but what the people want. The people wanted to sniff their elbows.





That’s well and good and all but how do I request a refund