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Ban the word Dab


Doge is just ugh. haha funny comic sans dog, now what else?

True with 1337

Trollface used to be great but using it now makes you look desperate.

Dabbing is basically the modern day doge. It’s not funny and the source material is lol random xd


-Dabs on the maker of this thread-
-dabs on xblade-
-dabs on all of i42 imperium for association with xblade-
-dabs on @orangeandblack5-

haters never prosper, go back to your caves!


Wheres… The… Bleach…


That’s an overused meme. Dab is not.


To cleanse out the terrible memes


Thanks simon.


Dab is the best thing to ever come to the gaming community. we have firepower against the trolls and toxic players now.


I smell a Jake Pauler


I have no affiliation with jake paul


The dab is dead. It is stale you Normie


rope is the ultimate normie, its literally his discord name



Dab is fun. It unites people of all nations. It saves the world from devastation. It brings about truth and love. It advances science to the stars above.

Dab on the infidels


wow rope
you ready for the ultimate insult?


THE DAB IS DEAD. IT’S BEEN DEAD. Can you just stop -_-




Dab is good. You guys just don’t like dab because you want to be all cool and “counter-culture”



I am excluding jake paul and associate’s dabs when saying dabs are good


The dab is dead!


and politicians dabs
and late night show hosts dabs
and normie’s dabs